End of the-year-that-shall-not-be-named Recap + Operation: Optimization-Complication Amelioration

Unfortunately, there really isn’t a whole lot to recap for this, the-year-that-shall-not-be-named. Which isn’t to say I didn’t get anything done, I actually accomplished some pretty important stuff, most of which was optimization.

I mentioned last devlog that getting a whole island’s worth of stuff running was causing optimization problems, which wasn’t unexpected. I had a little over 1300 tree objects all running random timers that then spawn some other object (leaves, fruit, etc..). It was eating a ton of memory and killing the frame rate.

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2020: What the hell is happening?! Is it over yet? (Sep-Oct Recap)

Well, 2020 happened–is STILL happening. Need I say more?

As hard as I tried, I could NOT hold on to my momentum during these trying times, so a lot of time went by where I didn’t get any work done (hence the lack of updates), but I did survive, so there’s that. However, by mid-September, I eventually got going again.

About the same time I finally got going again, there was a pretty sweet unity-assets humble bundle where I got a few useful things. One of note is Clayxels. which makes it easy to create some pretty sweet models. I played with that for a while and made some rough-draft trees and projectiles.

I really like it, and may use it to make all the stuff if I can figure out a solid workflow for it, what with all the retopologizing and what have ya… which almost segues into what I got into next, which is…

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4-Month Not-So Recap

Stonewood Games is just one person. And this person is having a lot of trouble working on their game. I skipped the last 2-month recap and I’m skipping this one too. Currently taking an indefinite hiatus.

I WILL be back. I just need to deal with some things first. Besides, it’s really difficult to keep my PC from overheating during the summer.


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