About Elle

* Elle is on hold indefinitely whilst I create some smaller games to establish funding (Beginning with Dealers of K'Torn).


Elle is a 3rd-person, survival adventure RPG led by a sneaky, bow-shooting fox.

Developer: Stonewood Games
Genres: Fantasy, 3rd-person, Survival/Crafting, Action-Adventure, RPG
Target Platforms: PC, others pending


The Crusades ended in an earth-shattering apocalypse. Now chunks of land float through the atmosphere and all that remains are a few Hand Temple ruins and a few Orb ships.

…and YOU.

You’re Elle – a sneaky, bow-shooting fox with amnesia and a mechanised left arm. With help from a giant snail and an even more giant turtle, you must survive these strange new wilds and solve the mysteries of Elle's past and this bizarre world!

Key Features

  • Clever blend of Medieval Fantasy and Retro Sci-fi
  • Rich, story-based adventure interwoven with a strange survival world
  • Elemental Experience system based on 6 exciting Elements
  • Real-time Combat and Hunting with an emphasis on Archery
  • Magick Arrow-Crafting System with hundreds of effect combinations
  • 6 Dynamic Towns and Dungeons which change drastically based on story progression
  • Base Building and Farming atop a giant turtle's back
  • Hundreds of Crafting Recipes to discover
  • Lively & Entertaining voice acting for most characters

Core Mechanics

Elle is a 3D action-adventure, survival/crafting, RPG played from a top-view perspective.

As sneaky, bow-shooting fox, Elle, players alternate between two separate game areas, each with different, but overlapping goals:

1. Procedurally Generated ("random") Survival Islands - Saw down trees, hunt wild animals, forage for food, and craft supplies for the adventure ahead, all while avoiding death from threats such as wild animals and the elements.

2. Hand Ruins/Orb Ships (Towns & Dungeons) - Unravel the story, meet interesting characters, receive quests, and engage in battle.

Players increase their stats by collecting 6 different types of elemental experience which are also used in magick arrow fletching.

Time spent travelling between islands encourages players to craft, farm, and customize their home area.

Dynamic Towns & Dungeons

Two opposing factions remain in a handful of settlements throughout the world.

  1. The Hand - an ancient, religious sect, and the keepers of ancient knowledge who prefer purity, nature, and spirituality.
  2. The Orb - an advanced alien race from the future who prefer change, technology, and worldliness.

Each of these settlements alternates between safe town and dangerous dungeon, depending on the player's progress through the story.

Elemental Experience

The following 6 elements underlie almost every aspect of the game:

Stone, Cold, Wind, Fire, Thunder, Mind

Embedded in Elle's mechanical arm is a special gem which enables her to harness the power of these elements and focus them into potent effects.

Survival & Crafting

There are dozens of raw crafting materials to harvest and dozens more items that can be crafted with them, from arrow parts, to food & drink, to farming and base-building components.

Elle's Magick Fletching Jig

When Elle creates arrows with her Magick Jig, each piece of the arrow is imbued with magick elemental effects whose powers equal Elle's elemental levels.

Using a simple and intuitive '1 element per arrow piece' method, players can easily create hundreds of different effect combinations resulting in all sorts of interesting and unique game mechanics.

Elle's Mechanised Hand

Elle's natural left hand has been replaced with an extremely powerful, mechanised hand which can be fitted with several tools and accessories. Without giving too much away, here are a few examples:

Handsaw - used to cut down trees

Quickpick - motorised lockpick upgrade

Hammer - for smashing and building


Elle will have access to a variety of weapons ranging from simple wooden bow to high-powered lasergun.

Elle is a master archer and prefers ranged combat, but there are several creative ways to handle up-close confrontations.