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You’re Reading Devlogs Wrong (+ May-June Recap)

Recap first:

I keep changing my plan, and frankly, it’s kind of embarrassing, but only because I keep telling you about it. But that’s kind of the point of the devlog, so here we are…

This sudden change of course wasn’t without reason, though. The roster of Stonewood Games has doubled! A good friend of mine, name of Chris, has joined me. We’ve been playing in bands together since we were teenagers, so we had no trouble coming up with ideas and got to work right away. Unfortunately, we can only work together every other week, but having someone to collaborate and bounce ideas off of has still increased my output and motivation exponentially. I highly recommend it.

So the new, new plan is basically the same as the old, new plan, which is to put off the current game to build one less-impossibly-scoped. But I’m not going to talk about that yet, because I already did that with the last one and never even got around to getting the information up (See? Embarrassing). So we’ll talk more about that in the future, but suffice it to say, I solemnly swear I am up to no good.

You’re Reading Devlogs Wrong

“All of the true things I am about to tell you are shameless lies.”
–Books of Bokonon, opening verse

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Infinitely Polished Turds vs. Well-Documented Greyboxes (April Recap)

Yet another example of why keeping a devlog is so important/helpful, especially for solo devs:

It forces you to evaluate yourself and what you are are (or aren’t) doing. It’s pretty easy (cause it’s fun) to slip into a cycle of just infinitely polishing things without even necessarily having fleshed out the final game mechanics yet. At least it was easy for me.

I didn’t spend all of April polishing turds, though.
I started focusing on greyboxing with the help of this UI System (DoozyUI) that I got from the Asset Store, and since video games are just UI with a bunch of added polish, I’m moving forward quite a bit faster now.

Speaking of the Asset Store, I’m currently going through a pretty important process of upgrading a lot of my systems to use 3rd-Party Assets.

“But random guy whose devlog I dont know why I’m reading,” you ask, “why would you go through the process of building all those systems from scratch just to replace them with other people’s work?!”

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How can you have any pudding if you don’t eat your meat? (Mar-Apr Recap)

My most read post is a post entitled “You’re-doing-it-wrong (common indie dev mistakes to avoid” -probably because of the somewhat inflammatory title. More accurately, it would just be called “Things I was doing wrong, that you might like to know about, so that maybe you won’t do them wrong too” but that isn’t quite as grabby, so here we are.
Anyway, I do a lot of things wrong, so I come across this shit all the time. Thus, I have decided to make it a recurring feature of this devlog.

This episode (are they episodes?) of You’re doing it wrong is for those of us who ‘wear many hats’ (as they say) in our game development journey. I’ve seen a lot of devs, especially solo devs, talk about how regularly changing up their current role (programmer, artist, etc..) keeps their work fresh and helps them stay motivated.
I, too, have made this claim…

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