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Jan-Feb Recap

February’s over, so it’s time for a 2-month recap…

-Added some UI stuff
-Tuk starter/concept model (still needs lots of details)

-Elle starter/concept model
-Stonewood Tree

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Hitting the Reset Button

Stonewood Games, in its current form, is disbanding. It’s not quite as dramatic as it sounds. This team of really brilliant creators that I was lucky enough to get together just hasn’t really accomplished much, so I’ve decided to hit the reset button. Despite the lack of output, however, it’s been great. I was able to bounce my ideas off some really cool people and perhaps even gained a notch of experience in team leadership.

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Designing Elle’s Magick Fletching Jig

Almost everything in Elle, including player experience and damage types, is separated into six different elements: Stone, Wind, Cold, Fire, Thunder and Mind. With the appropriate elemental experience, Elle can craft multi-piece arrows with various elemental damage effects. This meant I needed to find a fun way for the player to access all of these effects that doesn’t confuse or overwhelm them.

My original idea was to limit the combinations the player could use and hard-code each resulting arrow effect. Essentially these would be effect recipes as opposed to arrow recipes. You would choose the effect you wanted, and if you had the required materials you would just plug them in. While this allows for quite a bit of control from a design perspective, it doesn’t have many reusable parts, which can be limiting, and more importantly, it’s likely to get stale quickly for most players.

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