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2020: What the hell is happening?! Is it over yet? (Sep-Oct Recap)

Well, 2020 happened–is STILL happening. Need I say more?

As hard as I tried, I could NOT hold on to my momentum during these trying times, so a lot of time went by where I didn’t get any work done (hence the lack of updates), but I did survive, so there’s that. However, by mid-September, I eventually got going again.

About the same time I finally got going again, there was a pretty sweet unity-assets humble bundle where I got a few useful things. One of note is Clayxels. which makes it easy to create some pretty sweet models. I played with that for a while and made some rough-draft trees and projectiles.

I really like it, and may use it to make all the stuff if I can figure out a solid workflow for it, what with all the retopologizing and what have ya… which almost segues into what I got into next, which is…

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2019 Recap + Free Loops!

So… Big deal:
I’ve actually started building Elle!
That might sound dumb, like “what the bl**p have you doing for the last 2 years?!”
Well let me explain:

Two years ago, I built a prototype that looked something like this:

Apr. 2018

… which looks great, but is completely unmanageable on a programming & design level.

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Elle: Spawner, Time & Weather, AI Behaviour Trees (March/April Recap)

You may or (more likely) may not have noticed that I haven’t written any blogs since the last 2-month recap. Being as I’m doing all this on my lonesome, I’ve decided to cut back to just these 2-month recaps, for now at least, so as to use my development time more wisely. I’d also just like to point out that the word “Recap” is short for “Recapitulation”. So without further ado, please allow me to recapitulate for you the last 2 months of development.


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