Dealers of K’Torn Update + Twitch Overlay Fun

I’ve been working steadily on Dealers of K’Torn for 6 weeks now, and the game loop is actually complete and working! Now it’s just a matter of putting assets together and building out all the scenes and adding art and better UI and what have you. I’d say I’m about halfway to a complete game (finally!)…

…Okay, maaaybe a little less than halfway, but the point stands: I’m moving at a reasonable pace for once. I mean, it’s actually a fully playable game. It’s just ugly and unfilled at the moment. So I just gotta fill it up pretty. That sounded weird.

See, ugly and unfilled…

Anyway, I finally got around to putting some info up over at Dealers of K’Torn, so if you wanna know (a little) more, check that out!

Twitch Overlay Fun

This other fun thing happened. I’ve been interested in digging into the Twitch API for a while now, and one night, while watching my friend, I finally got the inspiration to do so. I accidentally stayed up all night (and subsequently burned myself the fuck out), but I came up with this pretty cool little chat-tavern overlay which he was kind enough to try out for me, and it actually worked! So that was pretty rad.

It’s pretty simple, chatters get a little character who wanders around the tavern, and when they chat, they get a chat bubble.

I’d definitely be interested in delving into more of that. It’s a lot of fun! (Twitch streamers, get at me!)

That’s all for now.

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