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Dealers of K’Torn Update + Twitch Overlay Fun

I’ve been working steadily on Dealers of K’Torn for 6 weeks now, and the game loop is actually complete and working! Now it’s just a matter of putting assets together and building out all the scenes and adding art and better UI and what have you. I’d say I’m about halfway to a complete game (finally!)…

…Okay, maaaybe a little less than halfway, but the point stands: I’m moving at a reasonable pace for once. I mean, it’s actually a fully playable game. It’s just ugly and unfilled at the moment. So I just gotta fill it up pretty. That sounded weird.

See, ugly and unfilled…

Anyway, I finally got around to putting some info up over at Dealers of K’Torn, so if you wanna know (a little) more, check that out!

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