New Game Announced! (+some FREE assets!)

This is the first 2-month recap of 2021, and I’m happy to say it’s also the LAST (gasp!)…

Because I’m switching to 1-month recaps! And maybe (definitely) even the occasional indie-dev article!

I’ve taken some time to evaluate my shit, and I’ve decided to flip it AND reverse it, as a supa dupa fly sista once said. I’ve put the impossibly over-scoped Elle on hold and started a whole new project that I’m pretty excited about. It’s called Dealers of K’Torn – just your typical drug-dealing medieval fantasy, but more on that later…

The idea boils down thusly: I can sit here, day after day, over-perfecting my ‘ideal-game’ game systems and never even get around to using them for another few years…
I can evaluate what I have to work with NOW (systems, tools, art assets, etc. – which is quite a lot, actually), and use that to build smaller games TO COMPLETION, which can, theoretically, then be sold to create fundage, which (and this is where it gets good) could be used toward the completion of Elle!

Well it’s a no-brainer.
Honestly, I really should’ve figured that out sooner, but what’re ya gonna do?

Due to smaller game builds, progress will be much faster, thus the shortening of time between recaps. And for those of you who find inspiration in advice written by self-important, failing indie devs, I’m preparing follow-ups to some of my most-read articles based on all the mistakes I’ve been making in my own life. We’ll throw a little hindsight at ’em and see how they hold up.

Without further ado, please allow me to introduce the first game in this grand scheme of mine: Dealers of K’Torn

The Peninsula of K’Torn is just as well known for it’s large variety of creatures (humanoid and otherwise) as it is for its seedy underbelly of unsavory characters…

That’s you.
You will travel from town to town, buying low and selling high, as they say. But beware, these are not easy roads to follow…

It’s basically that old dope wars game you had on your calculator, except prettier and with dice-based movement/fighting and some other twists.

Oh yeah, and it’s medieval fantasy. You know, with swords and magic and castles and shit. You love it.

And finally, a few fun things:
I’ve uploaded some royalty-free isometric tiles and music loops for yous guys, and I also dug up some of my old game-jam games and other failed projects and put those up as well. Check ’em out, if you’re so inclined!

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