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How can you have any pudding if you don’t eat your meat? (Mar-Apr Recap)

My most read post is a post entitled “You’re-doing-it-wrong (common indie dev mistakes to avoid” -probably because of the somewhat inflammatory title. More accurately, it would just be called “Things I was doing wrong, that you might like to know about, so that maybe you won’t do them wrong too” but that isn’t quite as grabby, so here we are.
Anyway, I do a lot of things wrong, so I come across this shit all the time. Thus, I have decided to make it a recurring feature of this devlog.

This episode (are they episodes?) of You’re doing it wrong is for those of us who ‘wear many hats’ (as they say) in our game development journey. I’ve seen a lot of devs, especially solo devs, talk about how regularly changing up their current role (programmer, artist, etc..) keeps their work fresh and helps them stay motivated.
I, too, have made this claim…

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