A small scrap of a recap with just one mishap (Aug/Sept)

I don’t really feel like writing a 2-month recap but I’m doing it anyway, so I hope you’re happy.

Here’s what I did:

Skybox System
Rotating cubemap + orbital lights (sun/moon/etc.) with all the fancy tinting/exposure/intensity/etc..

Noise System
Got the Fast Noise asset from the asset store and customized it all to hell.

The Universe is made of noise.

Terrain System
Takes in all that noise and spits out a world.

I am the noisemaker.

Object Spawn System
Takes in some noise and puts things (trees/animals/etc.) where they go.

I am the dreamer of dreams.

Volumetric Cloud System
Turned into redoing the entire skybox system, so now it’s two skyboxes: one rotating cubemap and one for clouds.

After that, I amost thought shaders made sense, so I made..

Water Shader
Reflection, refraction, fresnel to decide which, and simplified flowmaps to control movement speed.

It even runs reasonably fast!

Then I started to make a weather system and realized there’s a hole in my clouds system. So now I’m mad and I’ll fix it later.

See ya next time..
Same damn time, same damn channel.

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