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Project Management, and other stuff solo devs forget to do (+May/June/July Recap)

I skipped the last 2-month recap (because I wanted to), so now it’s a 3-month recap, and there’s plenty of recapitulating to do, so in the ever so eloquent words of chief engineer John Raymond Arnold: “Hold on to your butts!”

While designing my AI Behaviour system (and after watching this video 3 times: Game Architecture with Scriptable Objects), I gained a MUCH better understanding of how to build game architecture with Unity’s Scriptable Objects. As a result, I needed to go back over everything I’ve done and rebuild it using my new understanding of game architecture. No small task, but one I assumed would come…

See, I tend to do everything 3 times. I call it the 3 little pigs method–Okay, I’ve never actually called it that before right now, but the idea’s there: the 1st build is weak and flimsy, the 2nd is a little more reasonable but is lacking in architecture, and then… BOOM! 3rd time’s a charm! So, without further ado, here are some of the ways I’ve begun to build the brick house that will become Stonewood Games’ game tools:

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