Jan-Feb Recap

February’s over, so it’s time for a 2-month recap…

-Added some UI stuff
-Tuk starter/concept model (still needs lots of details)

-Elle starter/concept model
-Stonewood Tree

-Heads + shapekeys for easy NPC head design (& talking animations)
-Eyes + shapekeys for easy expressions/animations

-Modular body parts to make different NPCs + rig for animating them

-Modular Clothes & Armour


-Memorial Stone

Not a bad couple of months, especially considering I had no idea how to use Blender when I started!

What’s next: I still need to figure out a texture-painting workflow to make all these models look extra pretty, but that’s probably something I’ll circle back around to. With all Stone-based flora & fauna complete, I think it’s time to get back into Unity and start putting together all the survival systems: plant & animal behaviours, harvesting, crafting, etc..


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