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You’re doing it wrong (common indie dev mistakes to avoid)

In no significant order (that I’m conscious of) here are some common mistakes indie devs make (most of which, I am guilty of making):


  • Rewarding your slumps.

When your last grain of motivation trickles down, it can be really difficult and sometimes downright depressing trying to flip the hourglass back over. You finish your latest greatest idea, and maybe the next task isn’t quite as inspiring, so you decide to take a step back–“just for a day or two.” Next thing you know, you’re in a slump. Nothing is getting done and, as a result, you become less and less motivated, so nothing gets done. It’s a vicious cycle.

You feel bad. You want to feel better. So what do you do? You hop on your favourite game dev forum and post something like “What do you guys do to stay motivated?” Then, you get all kinds of advice from helpful strangers and now you’re all inspired and motivated and no longer in a slump…right?

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