Hitting the Reset Button

Stonewood Games, in its current form, is disbanding. It’s not quite as dramatic as it sounds. This team of really brilliant creators that I was lucky enough to get together just hasn’t really accomplished much, so I’ve decided to hit the reset button. Despite the lack of output, however, it’s been great. I was able to bounce my ideas off some really cool people and perhaps even gained a notch of experience in team leadership.

One thing I definitely haven’t learned is how to put together and lead a dev team. I’m sure it will just take time, but I think my main mistake was gathering people before I had enough of the game finished. I had my marketing hat on a bit too tight and I couldn’t stop thinking about how much more attention these starting blog posts would get with some pretty art attached (which I still can’t stop thinking, by the way).

So anyway, the plan is just to keep working away on Elle and try, try again at building ye olde Stonewood Games.
(*If you’re interested in participating in the creation of Elle, please see end of post)

Tree shaking/sawing demo (you have to imagine the animations for now)

Oct-Nov Recap

(I’ve decided to do a recap every 2 months, which probably isn’t nearly as interesting for you as it is for me)
Island Generator – Chunks, Textures, Biomes, Forests, Water, Island Bottoms, NavMesh
Camera – Zoom, Orbit
Player Controls/Movement – Gamepad, KMShooter, KMRPG, Keyboard Only, Mouse Only
Player Focus – Pickup, Interactable, Attack Target
Inventory – Pickups, Stacks
Trees – Drops (pickups) & Interactions
Saws – All saws + tree interactions


This will be my last post of 2017. Over the next couple of months, I’m going to focus on rebuilding the team and hanging with my kids. Elle and I will be back in January! Happy Holidays!


*I am looking for self-motivated, ambitious and dedicated creators to join me in building a long-term team from the ground up, starting with the production of Elle.
If you think you might be interested in working on Elle, please feel free to contact me with your portfolio.

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