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Hitting the Reset Button

Stonewood Games, in its current form, is disbanding. It’s not quite as dramatic as it sounds. This team of really brilliant creators that I was lucky enough to get together just hasn’t really accomplished much, so I’ve decided to hit the reset button. Despite the lack of output, however, it’s been great. I was able to bounce my ideas off some really cool people and perhaps even gained a notch of experience in team leadership.

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Devlogs: What’s so special about ’em?

Writing an honest, consistent devlog is an extremely important part of indie game development that no developer should forego and I’ll tell you why.

Your devlog is a record that allows you to look back and see how far you’ve come, or to look back (and laugh) at your mistakes so you can avoid repeating them. Additionally, the simple act of writing ideas down can often help highlight their potential or lack thereof.

Another simple, but powerful way your devlog helps you succeed is by keeping you accountable. Knowing that you need to have something to talk about every week or two can really motivate you and your team to stay on task. It also looks good to potential players/funders who can see exactly how consistently you’ve been progressing.  

Speaking of potential players…


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