Stonewood Games: An introduction


Forged deep in the bowels of reddit (gameDevClassifieds & INAT), Stonewood Games is a small indie-development team with members from the US, Canada, UK, and Middle Earth–I mean New Zealand. We started forming in May, and after almost 5 months, we have finally established a solid team. None of us have ever met in real life and none of us are getting paid to do this, so this ought to make for an interesting story…And if it doesn’t? Well, we’re going to share it with you anyway.

So join us as we set sail on the good ship Elle!

-“What the hell is Elle?!”

Oh, right. So we’re making this game…

(Sooner or later we’ll get some sort of fancy features page going, but until then), here’s a quick pitch:

The Crusades ended in an earth-shattering apocalypse. Now chunks of land float through the atmosphere and all that remain are a few Hand Temple ruins and a few Orb ships.

…and YOU.

You’re Elle – a sneaky, bow-shooting fox with amnesia and a mechanical left arm. With help from a giant snail and an even more giant turtle, you must survive these strange new wilds and solve the mysteries of this bizarre world!

Action/Adventure RPG with an emphasis on archery

  • Find & Explore Cities
  • Meet Interesting Characters
  • Complete Quests
  • Fight through Dungeons
  • Kill Bosses
  • Unravel a Story

Magical Arrow Crafting – Craft Arrows with magical effects

  • For preferred ranged-combat style: Make arrows that compliment your play style!
  • For exploiting weaknesses/situations: Use fire arrows on the ice boss, AEs on swarms, etc.
  • For solving puzzles: Exploding arrow to reveal a secret passage, shock arrow to power electronics, etc.


  • Harvest materials
  • Craft survival tools
  • Don’t get killed by nature

Strange World – All of this in a strangely beautiful world influenced by the likes of Alice in Wonderland, Fantastic Planet and Hieronymus Bosch

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