Infinitely Polished Turds vs. Well-Documented Greyboxes (April Recap)

Yet another example of why keeping a devlog is so important/helpful, especially for solo devs:

It forces you to evaluate yourself and what you are are (or aren’t) doing. It’s pretty easy (cause it’s fun) to slip into a cycle of just infinitely polishing things without even necessarily having fleshed out the final game mechanics yet. At least it was easy for me.

I didn’t spend all of April polishing turds, though.
I started focusing on greyboxing with the help of this UI System (DoozyUI) that I got from the Asset Store, and since video games are just UI with a bunch of added polish, I’m moving forward quite a bit faster now.

Speaking of the Asset Store, I’m currently going through a pretty important process of upgrading a lot of my systems to use 3rd-Party Assets.

“But random guy whose devlog I dont know why I’m reading,” you ask, “why would you go through the process of building all those systems from scratch just to replace them with other people’s work?!”

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Better Late Than Never (March Recap)

I spent March doing quite a few things in the wrong order, which is just what happens sometimes when you’re a solo dev. I started by writing a game design document for Dealers of K’Torn, half of which STILL hasn’t made it to paper. I know, I know you’re supposed to finish that before you do anything else, but I like leaving parts of it floating freely through the aether for a time, so they have more freedom to evolve. (Not that they can’t evolve once on paper. They can, and do, just usually not quite as freely.)

After that, I just sorta started slamming systems together, one after the other, basically in gameplay order. Not very strategic, but it kinda worked, for a while. In just over a month I’ve managed to get all of these implemented:

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New Game Announced! (+some FREE assets!)

This is the first 2-month recap of 2021, and I’m happy to say it’s also the LAST (gasp!)…

Because I’m switching to 1-month recaps! And maybe (definitely) even the occasional indie-dev article!

I’ve taken some time to evaluate my shit, and I’ve decided to flip it AND reverse it, as a supa dupa fly sista once said. I’ve put the impossibly over-scoped Elle on hold and started a whole new project that I’m pretty excited about. It’s called Dealers of K’Torn – just your typical drug-dealing medieval fantasy, but more on that later…

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