4-Month Not-So Recap

Stonewood Games is just one person. And this person is having a lot of trouble working on their game. I skipped the last 2-month recap and I’m skipping this one too. Currently taking an indefinite hiatus.

I WILL be back. I just need to deal with some things first. Besides, it’s really difficult to keep my PC from overheating during the summer.


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What I know after 2+ years of solo developing the same damn game (+ Jan-Feb Recap)

Recap first:

The first couple months of 2020 have been both extremely rewarding and extremely frustrating. With the vast majority of my game systems now built, I finally got to start putting them all together to form something that looks and feels kinda like a video game.

After working on the same project for over 2 years, getting to see it come together is one of the greatest feelings imaginable. On the other hand, after working on the same thing for over 2 years, when something doesn’t work, it can be devastating. However (and this is where you eventually net positive), when something didn’t work, it typically cost me about a week of pure frustration to get it working and when I finally did? Oh man, the sheer joy!

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2019 Recap + Free Loops!

So… Big deal:
I’ve actually started building Elle!
That might sound dumb, like “what the bl**p have you doing for the last 2 years?!”
Well let me explain:

Two years ago, I built a prototype that looked something like this:

Apr. 2018

… which looks great, but is completely unmanageable on a programming & design level.

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